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Find the Best Awning Companies in Sioux City, IA

An awning provides shade during hot, sunny Sioux City days. During winter Siouxland residents need a retractable awning that will withstand snowfall while letting sunlight in to reduce heating costs. The Sioux City Journal has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing product selection and local popularity of 24 businesses and choosing five favorites from the top awning installers in Sioux City.

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Types of awnings in Sioux City

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Sioux City residents shopping for an awning should consider weather conditions, adjustability and materials. Types of awnings can be classified as retractable, stationary, fabric or metal. Within these categories there are many styles of awnings to choose from. Metal awnings are stationary and can be left out all year, while fabric awnings might need to be stored for winter. Also consider whether you will install the awning yourself or hire a professional. Motorized retractable awnings might require electrical work.

  • Retractable awnings: Retractable awnings are typically fabric and come with motorized or manual options. They offer adjustability, so you can decide how much coverage you need during use. Roll-up awnings can be stored during winter to avoid damage from snow accumulation, which is convenient for Sioux City residents who want to use outdoor spaces during spring, summer and fall. Retractable awnings are not safe to leave out during very windy days.
  • Commercial awnings: Commercial awnings are great for businesses that want to add character to their spaces, while also protecting merchandise from sun damage. Typically fixed and made of fabric, commercial awnings are highly customizable and also tend to be more expensive.
  • Aluminum awnings: Aluminum awnings work well for Siouxland residents who want to use their outdoor spaces year-round. They are durable and can withstand snow, rain and sun. While aluminum awnings are usually more expensive than fabric, they are low-maintenance and long-lasting.
  • Fixed awnings: Fixed awnings come in fabric and metal options. While they cannot be adjusted for optimum coverage throughout the day, stationary awnings tend to cost less than retractable models.
  • Window awnings: Window awnings are an affordable way for Sioux City homeowners to add curb appeal to their homes while also reducing energy costs. Most types are fixed, but some spear awnings do come with a cord that allows you to adjust the angle for shade throughout the day.

Many Sioux City awning companies also offer fabric treatments to maximize the life and function of your shade structure. Vinyl or laminate increases water resistance, and coated acrylic prevents fading. For windy Siouxland weather, some motorized retractable awnings feature optional wind sensors that trigger the awning to roll up automatically in a windstorm. Some even have solar sensors that adjust coverage automatically. Additional accessories include lighting, heating, remote control and smartphone app operation.

Awning companies in Sioux City provide awning installation, maintenance and repair. Look for companies that offer product warranties and workmanship guarantees, and read online reviews to make sure the company comes with a reliable reputation.

Awning prices in Sioux City

The average awnings price for residential customers is $2,500, with a range of $400 to $6,000, including installation. Awnings cost depends on type, material, size and location of installation. Because they have electrical components and movable arms, retractable awnings cost more than stationary models. The price of retractable awnings goes up with added features, such as wind or solar sensors. You can look for seasonal sales and ask about military or senior discounts. Financing and payment plans are available from some vendors.

Sioux City awnings FAQ

How do I install an awning?

Most awning installation requires drilling into the side of a home to attach frame components. For motorized retractable awnings, some models simply plug into an outlet while some require electrical work. If you’d like to install your awning yourself, talk to your supplier about installation requirements.

What material are awnings made of?

Awnings are made of several materials. Fabric awnings can be composed of vinyl, polyester or acrylic. Metal awnings are aluminum.

How do retractable awnings work?

Retractable awnings come with two options for operation: manual crank or electric motor. Motorized awnings can have a remote control or be wired to a button inside your home.

Sioux City awning installation company information

SunSetter Awnings

SunSetter specializes in retractable awnings in a variety of sizes and styles. Manual and motorized options are available, with many color choices. Sioux City residents can shop online or find a local dealer. The Platinum series features 100% waterproof laminated fabric. Awnings come with easy DIY installation instructions and toll-free support. SunSetter products include a 90-day money back home trial, five- or 10-year warranty and optional all-weather warranty.

SunSetter Awnings

Mullin Awning & Siding

Mullin Awning & Siding sells and installs commercial and residential awnings, including aluminum and fabric styles. The company also offers solar-powered awnings with sensors that adjust automatically for optimum coverage. Patio cover awnings come with the option for built-in gutters to withstand the elements year-round. Sol-Lux and Sunbrella brands are available. The company offers free estimates for installation. Mullin Awning & Siding is located at 4106 Morningside Ave., Sioux City, IA 51106.

Mullin Awning & Siding

Guarantee Roofing Company

Guarantee Roofing Company sells and installs awnings for residential and commercial customers. The company can also repair awnings. If you’re looking for a complete patio remodel, this company can also help with your deck, windows, siding, storm doors and more. Free estimates are included with any inquiry. Guarantee Roofing Company serves the tri-state area from its location at 2005 E. Fourth St., Sioux City, IA 51101.

Guarantee Roofing Company


RetractableAwnings.com specializes in motorized retractable awnings with factory-direct pricing. Products can block sun, rain, snow and wind. Shop online and answer a few questions to find the best fit for your outdoor space, along with seasonal special offers. The company offers wind sensors, heating, smartphone app and other features. There are 400-plus color options to match your home. RetractableAwnings.com offers a 25-year warranty on the frame.



Sunesta offers customizable retractable awnings, with a range of frames, sizes and fabric color choices. Certain products are up to 40 feet wide with 14-foot-8-inch projection. The company offers over 140 fabric choices. Customers can link to home automation systems and add drop-down valance, power motors and other features. Window awnings, door awnings and patio canopies are also available. Sunesta awnings are installed within three weeks and come with a 10-year warranty.