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Find the Best Cleaning Services in Sioux City, IA

If you’re living in Sioux City with children, pets or a busy job, it can be challenging to maintain your home. Hiring a cleaning service provides a much-needed break and allows you to enjoy the benefits of a sparkling, clean home. The Sioux City Journal has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing consumer reviews and available services of more than 25 businesses and choosing five favorites from the top cleaning services in Sioux City.

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Finding a cleaning service in Sioux City

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There are a few things to consider when looking for a cleaning service. The most important is knowing what kind of maintenance or cleaning you’d like. Some cleaning companies, for example, specialize in housekeeping – such as vacuuming, emptying wastebaskets and changing the linens. Others specialize in green cleaning, which means they use eco-friendly products and supplies to keep your home free from environmentally harmful chemicals.

In addition to thinking about the type of service desired, you’ll also want to look for a service provider that is insured or bonded so you’re financially protected in case of an accident.

Factors to consider when looking for a cleaning service in Sioux City include the following:

  • Insurance and certifications: A cleaning service entering your home should be insured and bonded. Ask for proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Schedules: Many cleaning companies or cleaning services will work around your schedule. This might mean providing weekly, biweekly, monthly, seasonal or one-time services.
  • What’s included in a basic house cleaning: Basic house cleaning can involve the everyday tasks required to maintain an apartment or home. Basic house cleaning includes dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning windows.
  • What’s included in a deep house cleaning: A deep house cleaning focuses on hard-to-reach areas and more in-depth treatment. It typically includes wiping down doors, door frames and light fixtures; dusting and wiping down furniture; vacuuming the tops of drapes; and other detailed services.
  • Green cleaning: Green cleaning means the cleaning service takes measures to use nontoxic, eco-friendly products and procedures. This might mean, for example, that it uses products with a Safer Choice label from the Environmental Protection Agency or Green Seal-certified products.

Cleaning services prices in Sioux City

The average cost of cleaning services in Sioux City is approximately $30 to $45 an hour. This is in line with the national average, which is around $25 to $50 per hour. Each company’s pricing structure is different, though, as some might charge per room or per square foot. Deep cleaning and specialty cleaning services add to cost. Some cleaning services will also charge an additional fee of $5 to $10 for eco-friendly supplies.

When estimating the price of cleaning services in Sioux City, it’s also smart to ask about tipping. Occasionally, companies will include a tip in their final quote. For most cleaning services, a 15% to 20% tip is recommended.

Finally, consider the form of payment. Some cleaning companies allow you to keep a card on file and pay once service is done. Others might require you to pay cash and place it in a spot within the home. This will depend on if you’ll be home or away during the time of service. It’s important to consider which form of payment you are most comfortable with and choose a service that can accommodate your preferred payment method.

Sioux City cleaning services FAQ

Is hiring a cleaning service worth it?

Hiring a cleaning service can be worth it for those who have limited time, young children, or a big event to clean up for or after. By hiring a cleaning service, you save time for other activities and get professional results.

How much do you tip house cleaners?

A tip of 15% to 20% is suggested for house cleaners.

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

How often a house should be deep cleaned will depend on the item or room. Most commonly used items like microwaves, showers and carpets should be deep cleaned at least every week, while windows and drapes can be deep cleaned every three to six months. Large appliances that are also in regular use, like refrigerators, should be cleaned at least once a month.

How do you prepare for house cleaning?

Before inviting a house cleaner into your home, it’s best to tidy and remove any clutter in your space, such as kids toys, clothing or private documents. If the cleaners will be changing the bed sheets, then you can put out a fresh set of sheets. Pet owners should also find a safe space where their pet can stay during the time of service.

Should I clean before my house cleaner comes?

No, it’s not necessary to clean your house before the house cleaner comes. Just put away any clutter like toys, papers and clothing to make it easier for the cleaners to move around your home.

How long does it take to clean a house?

How long it takes to clean a house depends on the size of your home, the number of rooms and the type of cleaning service. On average, it takes one to three hours to clean a small- or medium-size apartment or house.

Sioux City cleaning service company information

Merry Maids

Merry Maids is a housekeeping and specialty cleaning company with nearly 500 locations across the U.S. Customers get free estimates and a guarantee that the company will return if you aren’t satisfied with service and let cleaners know within 24 hours. Merry Maids is insured and bonded and offers specialty cleaning services in addition to maid service.

Merry Maids

ServiceMaster of Sooland

ServiceMaster of Sooland offers disaster restoration and cleaning services for home and business owners. In case of an emergency, like water and flood damage, ServiceMaster provides a 24-hour hotline for clients. In addition to these services, ServiceMaster of Sooland also provides cleaning for carpets, rugs, upholstery, floors, walls and windows. Its address is 1905 A St., South Sioux City, NE 68776.

ServiceMaster of Sooland

Spahn's Cleaning LLC

Spahn’s Cleaning LLC is a commercial and residential cleaning company that also offers painting and carpet cleaning. The company uses a special fragrance when cleaning to leave homes smelling fresh. Home cleaning is done using all green products, and includes weekly, biweekly and one-time maid services. Senior citizens and members of the military can qualify for a discount, while other customers may get a discount when combining all three of the company's services.

Spahn's Cleaning LLC

Bright & Shine Cleaning Services

Bright & Shine Cleaning Services provides home and office cleaning services to residential and commercial clients. It offers a variety of services, from deep cleaning and window cleaning to office cleaning and move-in/move-out services. Prices start at $30 per hour for cleaning, or $100 for restoration of a property or home. Bright & Shine Cleaning Services is based in South Sioux City, NE.

Bright & Shine Cleaning Services

J&V Landscaping and Housekeeping

J&V Landscaping and Housekeeping provides full-service landscaping services in addition to house cleaning, painting and office cleaning. New customers can get up to 15% off services, while ongoing customers can earn savings for successful referrals. Housekeeping starts at $45 per hour. J&V is based in Sioux City.

J&V Landscaping and Housekeeping