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Pregnancy involves a lot of important decisions about your child’s future. Cord blood banking is potentially life-saving, but it’s critical to understand the pros and cons. The Sioux City Journal has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing the plans and local popularity of 22 businesses and choosing six favorites from the best cord blood banking companies in Sioux City.

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Private vs. public cord blood banking in Sioux City

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Growing Sioux City families have a lot of decisions to make ahead of giving birth. There are many benefits to both private cord blood banking and public cord banking, so you should consider these factors early on to help choose what company or organization you want to work with.

  • Private cord blood banks work with clients for a fee, storing cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue for their exclusive use. Families that bank with private companies usually pay a set fee either upfront, every month or every year, depending on their plans. They can then access their cells at any time. Private cord blood banking is better for families with a history of disease treatable with cord blood or tissue cell transplants.
  • Public cord blood banks make stem cells available to the public for transplants and to medical professionals for research. Donating to a public cord blood bank is recommended for families that do not have a history of disease since they are less likely to need the cells. Instead, your specimen could save the lives of others.

How much does cord blood banking cost in Sioux City?

The price of cord blood banking varies depending on a variety of factors, but it usually costs between $3,000 and $6,500 for 20 years of private storage in Sioux City. Factors that influence prices include:

  • The duration of storage
  • What types of specimen you submit
  • The collection method
  • The company you’re working with

Pros and cons of cord blood banking in Sioux City

There are many benefits to blood banking in Sioux City, but it’s important to understand the risks and drawbacks as well.


  • Stem cells can help treat many illnesses, such as leukemia and certain lymphomas, either for your family or for others in need.
  • You can donate cord blood to medical research to help scientists learn and develop cures.
  • Medical research is always advancing, so more uses for cord blood cells may be available in the future.


  • Private banking can be cost-prohibitive, and storage is usually not covered by health insurance.
  • Most families who store cord blood privately never use it.

Sioux City cord blood banking FAQ

Can cord blood be used for grandparents?

Yes, as long as they have the same blood type, older family members like grandparents can use cord blood to help treat certain illnesses. However, they may require additional sources of stem cells, as adults often need more than one umbilical cord can provide.

How many times can cord blood be used?

Typically, cord blood can only be used once, as the entire amount is needed for most transplants. The amount of stem cells required to treat certain illnesses depends on the type and severity of the illness and the age and size of the person receiving treatment.

Is it worth banking cord blood?

It depends on your finances and your family’s medical history. Ideally, you never have to put your cord blood to use and it does end up being unnecessary. However, you never know when your family will have a medical emergency, which is why many people don’t mind paying to be sure they have access to possible treatments.

Sioux City cord blood banking company information


Americord offers private banking for cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue. The company provides you with a collection kit that you give to your doctors before giving birth. A medical courier then transports the kit to the company’s American Association of Blood Banks-accredited facility. Americord offers a variety of payment options, depending on what you would like to store and for how long. Its one-time pricing starts at $3,499 for 20 years of storage.

Americord Learn More (917) 338-6773


Cryo-Cell is a private cord blood banking company that offers cord blood and cord tissue storage services. The company has standard and premium services, each with their own level of fees. Customers can pay on a yearly basis, with each plan requiring a deposit upfront. Cryo-Cell’s pricing starts at $1,500 upfront plus $175 per year or you can pay $3,150 upfront for 18 years of storage.



AlphaCord is a private company that offers cord blood, cord tissue and placenta banking. The company has a variety of storage and payment options for families, depending on what they would like stored and the duration of storage. The company is AABB and Food and Drug Administration accredited. Each plan requires customers to pay an upfront cost and then pay an additional fee for every year they want to maintain storage. AlphaCord’s plans start at $995 upfront plus $125 per year, starting the second year.


Cord Blood Registry

Cord Blood Registry offers private cord blood banking. The company provides you with a collection kit that you give to a doctor or nurse before delivery. After the birth, you schedule a time for a courier to arrive at your home or the hospital to pick up the kit and deliver it to a secure storage facility. The company offers lifetime, 18-year and annual storage plans, and you can choose from one-time or monthly payment plans. Cord Blood Registry’s annual plan requires a one-time payment of $1,680 plus a yearly fee of $180.

Cord Blood Registry

New England Cord Blood Bank

New England Cord Blood Bank provides private cord blood and cord tissue banking. Services are available for parents who are adopting or using a surrogate, too. The company offers 20-year, lifetime and annual plans, and you also get the ability to split yearly fees into 12 monthly payments. New England Cord Blood Bank’s annual plan requires an upfront fee of $1,049 plus a yearly fee of $150.

New England Cord Blood Bank


ViaCord is an AABB-accredited company that offers private cord blood and cord tissue banking. In addition to storage, the company also does research on blood-related illnesses to help further the potential uses of cord blood. It offers storage on an annual basis, and you can choose to pay in one lump sum or in six or 12 monthly payments. If you only want to store cord blood, ViaCord’s services cost $1,725 upfront plus $175 per year.